Capsule Modular Sectional

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Upholstery > Sectionals > Capsule > Modular Sectional . Manufactured by Capsule.

Modern adaptable, is corner chair, single chair ottoman. chairs ottoman can be combined to create seaters, seaters, s more. Now sit any way y.

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Corner Sectional Sofa Bumper The corner bumper is sure to put little digging into their step is to excite their modern sensibilities
Leather Sectional Has recliners manual recliner for recliners. Armless recliner is manual lever is on right side. recliners
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Devereau Loveseat Luxurious channel backed slender metal legs creates hot madmen era vibe in chair. Upholstered in velvet,

Entertainment Center Large entertainment center slate tile insets. Solid wood. Coat long lacquer. Reinforced corner supports.