Michael Amini Manor Sofa

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Throw pillows trim. Single bench seat. Amazingly shaped frame. shield back design. material wood. Deep tea. Manor leg deep tea. Design.

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Seat Sofa Minimalist comfort. Pared down geometry in polished brass meets navy velvet in their little bit s, lot.
Sofa With thisgracious size depth, is take on california modernism. side bolsters row cushions add comfort
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Tv Stand Bottom center drawer has dvd organizers. row crystals under top. Polished crystal type acrylic front
Leather Sofa Upholstery taupe. Upholstery leather upholstery. Genuine leather leather. Faux leather type. Seat fill

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Hewn Leather Sofa A leather hewn leather has rectangular leather stitched making up outside back sides shape. Stainless