Fornirama Leather Manual Recliner

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Upholstery > Recliners > Fornirama > Leather Manual Recliner . Manufactured by Fornirama.

Entertain in style, transitional set by . Exquisitely upholstered in leather set is designed, you in mind blending style comfort that any room immediately. co.

Sleepez latex mattresses, made in the USA with the highest quality 100% pure natural latex available, designed to offer both support and pressure point relief, beneficial to all types of sleepers.

Leather Power Wall Hugger Recliner The wallhugger has semi attached back spring down seat. Swivel glide, recline battery packs are for upcharge.
Leather Power High Leg Recliner Foam cushion. cowhide. Upholstery leather type. Faux leather type. Upholstery cowhide. Upholstery gray.
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Court Sofa The court is made effort to assure product. Upholstery brown. Upholstery velvet upholstery. Genuine leather

Leather Love Seat Electric recliners. Adjustable headrest. Upholstery color. Upholstery leather upholstery. Faux leather