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Sofa Vanilla. Plywood and solid hardwood boards the ike sofa has. polyurethane foam cushions for support. youre enjoying quality family time or entertaining guests, the ike sofa will extend an open invitation for to relax. down option for pillows, nailhead, wood finish quality seat spring system is to long term comfort and support. feature gauge sinuous wire seat springs, econnected side to side with spring steel wire for lateral support and stability. spring system is similar to systems use in the best automobiles. Some models feature drop in coil spring seat spring system. Seat cushion foam is a. polyurethane foam, key ingredient to good looks and lasting comfortbe aware that actual colors may vary those on screen. Fabric. Furniture. Click for the price and more details! Search for living room furniture at livingroom-furniture-stores.com!
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Sectional Corner Wardrobe Closet White: Closet and give space makeover with the corner wardrobe, that offers room for tucking away things and looks even better doing it. rounded hanging rods and open shelving lines, and understated design, goes with present decor and is the wardrobe solution for all things. Set it in corner of the bedroom where it blends master suite and youll never lose sight of preferred pieces. side wardrobe is shelving, right with open space for keeping preferred clothing products organized and accessible. pair of drawers tuck away personal products and larger upper shelf is for displaying accessories, hand luggage, or hats. solution for space has arrived and its design blends with present decor to keep room as good as it is functional. in smaller or larger space for acting as shelving and closet unit without overtaking space. Option to pair with wardrobe modules to maximize space and storage wardrobe needs. Free standing sectional open corner wardrobe closet for bedroom, walk in cl.

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