Poshbin Traditional Sofa

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Upholstery > Sofas > Poshbin > Sofa . Manufactured by Poshbin.

Elegant nail heads hardwood frame. Nail heads. Side pillows. Upholstery brown. Upholstery linen leather type. Faux leather type. Upholstery polyester.

Leather Sofa With leather, plush seating welting, bridgeport is design variety home styles. Ensure to any room. custom
Hewn Leather Sofa A leather hewn leather has rectangular leather stitched making up outside back sides shape. Stainless

Sectional Sofa Chaise Body The chaise is modern take on danish design. for home or even lobby building. takes up good amount space

Sofa Lrg is plushest, deepest widest designs. arm back, for relaxation. Kiln dried hardwood frame double dowel