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Yes, we know coffee table is modern affectation, so weve updated late medieval antique with s multi functional design needs in mind. It takes master craftsmen over a week to complete impressive work of hand carved solid mahogany. Leaf.

Coffee Table An bee hive made wood marks orb base, becomes focus any constellation but assorted species wood glass
Coffee Table The coffee table has wood metal materials. Inside glass top high end veneer. brown. Distressed gloss
Chaise Lounge Recreate style boudoir mahogany antique replica, almost feet long, sits atop shapely cabriolet legs.
Lord Raffles Coffee Table Special, medieval antique replica is master deeply carved lions heads bared teeth, majestic lion paws

Configurable Set Set has arm chair. Fabric. Bay frame wood frame. Wood sold wood veneers. Removable cushions removable cu.

Configurable Set Collection is hand made leather opulent leather, studding detail to front slim arms sit vintage modern