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Exclusive Prestige Desk Shell  Recommended item

Prestige Desk Shell (Features: Accepts full pedestal or keyboard shelf. Can be joined to credenza (a buffet, sideboard (table with a wide drawer at the center flanked by drawers or cupboards on the sides and made to be used against a dining room wall for storing and serving food) or bookcase, typically)
Popular Embassy Desk Shell Cappuccino Recommended item

Embassy Desk Shell Cappuccino (Features: Material: Laminate PVC. Resists scratches, stains and wears. Can be joined to executive desk with bridge. Accepts full pedestal or keyboard shelf. Desk Type: Desk shell. Top Finish: Base Finish: Top Material: Laminate Top Material Det. )
Priceless Inside Out Bookcase Recommended item

Inside Out Bookcase (Y living space doesnt have to be so bland, give it old world character with the inside out bookcase. Features: Worked by hand to the last detail. Product Type: Standard. Style: Modern. Collection: Inside Out Collection. Finish: White. Powder Coat. )
Recommended Preside Boat Shaped Conference Table Top Size HL Recommended item

Preside Boat Shaped Conference Table Top Size HL (Wear resistant, easy care laminate (the process of bonding or gluing together several layers, may also refer to the final product of the process, often with a decorative surface of paper or fabric covered with melamine resin) resists scratches, stains and spills. Can be extended to)
Trustworthy Castle Computer Desk Recommended item

Castle Computer Desk (All products are handmade of solid hardwood (the wood of broad-leaved deciduous trees as distinguished from that of cone-bearing trees) all around, no plywood (a panel made up of 3 or more thin laminations of wood in which the grain direction of each ply, or layer, is at right angles)
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